About Jeffrey D

For those who haven’t read my first few posts, my name is Jeffrey D and I’m your fairly typical 26-year-old guy on a quest for financial security.  If you want all the details, go back and read my first post or two, but the cliffs notes are basically this:

I live at home with my parents since I can’t afford my own place right now and when I started dating my current girlfriend, whom things are going very well with, I became embarrassed of my living and financial situations after finding out that she is debt-free, has her own apartment, has months worth of income in an emergency fund, owns her car, and is currently saving for a down payment on a condo.  Oh yeah, and she accomplished all of this while STILL BEING IN GRAD SCHOOL!!!  That’s right, she still has a year left of grad school.

I, on the other hand, live at home and pretty much paycheck to paycheck.  I owe almost $14,000 in student loans and another $4,500 on my motorcycle, plus I have no real savings set aside or retirement plan in place.  So I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about my finances, get my debt paid off, and put myself in a situation where I can not only move out of my house and into my own apartment, but also get myself on a long-term plan for financial stability.

I plan on setting a lot of short-term and long-term goals and achieving them.  I plan on keeping this blog detailed so that I have a reliable record of how I’m doing and where my money is going.  My first big goal, as stated in post number two, is to be able to move out of my house into my own place and comfortably afford it; and many smaller goals are being set to lead up to that.


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